tabula rasa TUSC Work proposal for me and my team

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Name : on telegram @tabullarasa     Freelancer Team Leader and agency of 11 people,developers,graphic designers ect.

hello im david

I had a meeting with rob and he expalined to me the project,and i instantly liked it becuase i see great potential in it and i love guns,

i talked with my team and they also liked it ,So we would like to be part of something bigger than us and we see TUSC as this opportunity,

Proposal - we started work one week ago fixing the seo and crawlers ect, and we would like to continue for as long as its needed,

we can work any given task like graphical,code ect plus help the other team devs.with anything fully dedicated.

Please note we Started work at 15 march,

Plus me as team leader im available to work on spedific tasks for free if its needed to support the TUSC network.


Pay rate: 55$/hour 

so if i am not making any mistake price should be tusc price $0.00001049 x 55$x4 hours equal to (2750000.000000000 per day)

working hours : 4/day or more if needed ect,7 days a week full time,

for the next 6 months and for more if needed


as stated above started work at 15 march desired work until 16 september,2020 and on this date will be udpated for the continuity.


vesting period every 15 days if possible,in europe we have it like this :)

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, comments, critics.i am always available

Thanks for the opportunity


  • 4 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 6 months is a huge number of hours.

    Your team "...... etc".

    Fixing "...... etc".

    Work on "... etc".

    Lots of vague "etc". If Rob lets us know that he has more than enough work to keep you busy, I have no problem giving a yes vote for your worker proposal. I realize much work needs to be done, but that's 1/4th of the budget.

  • hello yes sorry for my english if i missed some, because its not my main language) so yes

    my team is composed of 11 people and depends from the task required i appoint me and them simultaneously at the necesary task so,

    we are front-end,back-end and fullstack aslo graphical designers and 2 of my team have developed an asia coin i have referencesd and all like i talked with rob of course,

    Fixed SEO,Working on Setup better dev ops/system admin also started the base of a TUSC wallet layouts,

    job to be done there is a lot and like i said i can work if needed extra hours for free on this project because i want to be part of it and i belive in it,)

    thank you for the question

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