Exchanges & Price Trackers

TUSC Exchanges

NOTE: TUSC is not affiliated with any exchange and we have no control over exchange operations. TUSC does not endorse or recommend any specific exchanges. There are risks with trading, please be careful. Please don’t leave your crypto on exchanges when not actively trading. Never leave your coins on an exchange after you have made your trades or purchases.

TUSC can be purchased on the following exchanges/trading pairs:

Warning – DO NOT Trade on the Probit or ExMarkets exchanges!!

Probit and ExMarkets have not upgraded their nodes to the newest TUSC fork and won’t allow you to withdrawal your TUSC if you buy it there. You may NEVER be able to withdraw TUSC if you choose to continue trading or buy TUSC there.

  • It is currently possible to trade TUSC on both Probit and ExMarkets but the you will not be able to get the TUSC out of those exchanges. People that have their TUSC trapped there are cutting their losses and dumping for whatever they can get, which is affecting the market price currently.
  • Probit has stated they will not upgrade for the hard fork unless we pay them 1 whole Bitcoin.
  • Contact the respective exchanges’ customer service department with any questions regarding specific problems.

TUSC Price Trackers

TUSC prices can be found on the following trackers and apps: 

* Market cap tracked 

**All markets & trading pairs tracked (Marketcap most accurate)
-Untracked listing