Original Crypto Coin’s Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker on Google Sheets pulls data from Coin Market Cap’s API and Live Coin Watch’s API and refreshes as you go.  Big exchanges like Binance and big indexes like Coin Market Cap don’t have every coin, but  keeping track of ALL of your coins can be accomplished through this Google Sheet!  It’s quick, efficient, linked to your Google account, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.   It is also compatible with Excel and can be exported for additional functions and customization, and increased privacy.

Access the Portfolio Tracker by visiting the following link:


A unique feature this Portfolio Tracker is that it can track coins NOT listed on CoinMarketCap.com.  We’ve created a function that follows Live Coin Watch market data.  LiveCoinWatch has lower volume and lesser known cryptocurrencies, allowing you to track a wide range of tokens and coins in our Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker.

Coin Market Cap requires $100,000 worth of daily volume (the total amount of $’s traded in a day) and Original Crypto Coin (OCC) has not reached $100,000; however, don’t count OCC out because they did reach around $25,000 in trading volume on June 8, 2018!  $25,000 is very impressive for a small coin such as OCC and what we are accomplishing with no ICO.

You can get live data for a coin directly from CMC by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Portfolio Tracker link above and click File -> Make Copy to save to your Google Drive
  2. Visit http://coinmarketcap.com and finding a coin
  3. Find the coin you want to track and copy the coin’s website address: example- http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/
  4. Paste the following function into your sheet in the under the Market Price Column: “=IMPORTXML(“http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/”,”//*[@id=’quote_price’]/span[1]”)”

NOTE: Do not include the opening and closing quotation marks in your sheet.

Cryptocurrency trackers are everywhere, but we like to make it simple by using this Google Sheet. Having it all in one place makes it more convenient and accessible to track all of your cryptocurrencies.

Let us know how you like the Google Sheet and if you have any recommendations!