February 17, 2020 TUSC Contributor

Citizen Armor Becomes First Retailer to Formally Agree to Accept TUSC

This week, Citizen Armor became the first retailer to sign a memorandum of understanding with the TUSC marketing partner, agreeing to accept TUSC as payment for retail transactions. Citizen Armor is a Utah based company which harnesses the power of carbon nanotube technology to make the protection of soft body armor available to civilians.  The company produces a wide range of personal protection equipment including concealed vests for both men and women, armor embedded compression t-shirts, armored backpacks and binders, and armor inserts in a variety of sizes which can make any ordinary bag into a protective shield!

Aaron Gilbert, the President and CEO of Citizen Armor, has been a long term supporter of the TUSC project and we’re proud to welcome him and his company aboard.

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