TUSC Swap Rescheduled for September 1st

Based on current progress towards the TUSC swap and mainnet launch, we’ve reached the conclusion that we cannot meet our planned swap date deadline  of July 15th.  After evaluating our current progress, we plan to open the swap for 30 days beginning on September 1, 2019.  We understand that many of you will be disappointed […]

Swap Date Announced!

We know you’ve been waiting anxiously, so we’re excited to announce that the date for the swap from OCC to TUSC has been set.  The swap window will open on July 15, 2019, and swapping will be available through August 14, 2019.  You’ll be able to swap 2 OCC for 1 TUSC, creating an initial […]

Announcement: What’s Next for OCC?

Check out the video to find out the latest OCC announcement from co-founder Rob McNealy. We’ve got follow on updates coming soon.  In the meantime . . . check out our amazing new logo concept!

Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption

On Saturday September 9, 2018 OCC co-founder Rob McNealy spoke about cryptocurrency mass adoption at the first Salt Lake City Blockchain Saturday.  Click the image above to view the slides from his presentation.  Video will be available soon!

Now Trading on Altilly

This week Original Crypto Coin was listed on Altilly, a new exchange which has opened up a couple of brand new trading pairs for OCC – OCC1/USDT and OCC1/DOGE.  There’s also an ETH pair.  You can follow Altilly on Twitter or Telegram if you need help getting started with trading!

Video Tutorial: Playing Aircoins to Collect Free Crypto

If you’re not playing Aircoins yet, here’s a quick walk-through of the app, which allows you to hunt for real crypto coins and tokens including OCC in augmented reality!  If you’re already playing and having fun, please give the game a 5 star rating in the App store or Play store.

Track OCC on Live Coin Watch!

We’re excited to announce that Original Crypto Coin is now included in the popular cryptocurrency index Live Coin Watch!  Live Coin Watch allows visitors to track token price, social media channel activity and trading volume all in one place.  In addition to OCC, you can track over 2,000 cryptocurrencies, nearly 200 exchanges, and over 10,000 […]

Track OCC on Blockfolio

We’re excited to announce that Original Crypto Coin is now included in the popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker Blockfolio.  Blockfolio is available as an easy to use Android or iOS app that allows you to track actual portfolio values as well as watching coins you’re interested in. If you’d like a little help getting started with […]