Undead Presidents NFT Werewolf Sneak Peak

Krappy Art released a werewolf in a recent sneak peak of their Undead Presidents NFT drop, which launches on October 25th, 2021. This sneak peak was of an Undead President, a wily werewolf, wearing an infamous blue dress. This set of NFT attributes will be rare in the Undead Presidents NFT release.

TUSC Claim Process for Hard Fork

Now that the hard fork has been successfully completed and blocks are being produced on the new chain, you’ll need to complete a claim process to see your TUSC in your account. This process only applies to TUSC that was in your own account – exchanges will need to complete the process on their end […]

Undead Presidents Presale Starts October 25th

Undead Presidents NFT presale opens on October 25th. The Undead Presidents, by Krappy.Art, main sale begins on October 28th. 10% of all Undead Presidents NFTs sold, by Krappy Art, will go to the Undead Presidents designated charity partner, Watsi. Go get whitelisted for the Undead Presidents presale, go to the Krappy Art Discord server for […]

Undead Presidents, by Krappy.Art, Minting Reduced to 3,000

Undead Presidents NFT drop to reduced from 9,666 to 3,000. The Krappy Art team announced that they are reducing minting size to ensure that NFTs would sell out, which is in support of the updated Krappy Art roadmap goals. To keep up with all the latest info about the upcoming Undead Presidents NFT drop, join the Krappy Art Discord.

Undead Presidents NFT Drop to Benefit Watsi Charity

The Undead Presidents NFT drop by Krappy Art NFT announced that Krappy Art has designated Watsi as it’s charity partner for the Undead Presidents NFT drop. 10% of all proceeds from the Undead Presidents NFT art collection will go directly to Undead Presidents charity partner Watsi to help fund healthcare for people around the world! This is not simply a milestone driven donation […]

Undead Presidents NFTs Funding Charities

Undead Presidents, and NFT project by Krappy.Art, is pioneering the use of generative NFT Drops to fund charity. Krappy Art partnered with Watsi, through the release of Undead Presidents NFT Drop. In that NFT drop, Watsi received 10% share of the proceed from each Undead Presidents NFT sold. Krappy Art did that in a novel and transparent way, by making sure Watsi’s […]

Undead Presidents NFT Project by Krappy Art Launches

Krappy Art is an NFT & digital art collective that supports emerging artists navigating the complexities of generative NFT deployments. We believe that all art is important. We believe that art should be shared, it is part of the Krappy.Art Mission. The first Krappy Art NFT art drop is called Undead Presidents. Undead President s NFTs, are described by the artist […]

TUSC Hard Fork Announced!

The TUSC blockchain will be undergoing its first hard fork in September to incorporate major code changes. The fork will include bug fixes, library updates, and some super cool new features including: • Non-fungible token (NFT) and asset creation • Smart contracts • Recurring & scheduled payments • Escrow Because blockchains are immutable (unchangeable), you […]

Removing the TUSC Marketing Partner

After a great deal of consideration, the team has decided to end the TUSC Marketing Partner functionality. The accumulated TUSC in the TUSC MP account will be returned (burned) to the worker fund. This is being done because the team feels that the amount of TUSC under the control of the TUSC Marketing Partner could […]