Bad Ideas

Over the past month TUSC MP has been working with Lenni Uitto of Xelot Film and a talented group of local actors and crew on the start of a fun new marketing campaign for TUSC.  We were able to premier the very first TUSC commercial called Bad Ideas last week at Off Chain 2020.  Today we’re thrilled to share it with the rest of the TUSC community.  Please share this with your friends and help get the word out about #TUSC!

TUSC Added to Blockfolio Portfolio Tracker

TUSC on Blockfolio

We are excited to announce that TUSC has been added to the popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker Blockfolio. To get started tracking TUSC, you’ll need to install the Blockfolio app from Google Play or the App Store.  Once the app is installed, navigate through the introductory screens until you get to the coin list.  Then select the “Add Coin” button indicated by the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

Add Coin to Blockfolio

On the next screen, type “TUSC” into the search field and The Universal Settlement Coin will pop up.

Search TUSC in Blockfolio

After you click on TUSC, you’ll be able to add exchange or transfer transactions, and track the value of your portfolio!

Citizen Armor Becomes First Retailer to Formally Agree to Accept TUSC

This week, Citizen Armor became the first retailer to sign a memorandum of understanding with the TUSC marketing partner, agreeing to accept TUSC as payment for retail transactions. Citizen Armor is a Utah based company which harnesses the power of carbon nanotube technology to make the protection of soft body armor available to civilians.  The company produces a wide range of personal protection equipment including concealed vests for both men and women, armor embedded compression t-shirts, armored backpacks and binders, and armor inserts in a variety of sizes which can make any ordinary bag into a protective shield!

Aaron Gilbert, the President and CEO of Citizen Armor, has been a long term supporter of the TUSC project and we’re proud to welcome him and his company aboard.

Aaron Gilbert Becomes Newest Adviser to TUSC MP

Aaron Gilbert - ATEK Defense

The TUSC Marketing Partner is proud to announce the addition of Aaron Gilbert, President and CEO of Citizen Armor and ATEK Defense Systems, to their growing team of firearms industry advisers!  ATEK Defense Systems provides the technology solution, Nano Protek™ for the products developed by Citizen Armor. Aaron is involved in all aspects of the business; organization, marketing, finance, as well as product design, ordering and patenting.

Nano Protek™ is a proprietary formula and process developed by ATEK Defense Systems. The formula and technology utilizes Nano-technology to improve the performance of aramid fibers by causing it to no longer be subject to the effects of light or moisture.

Aaron co-founded Advanced Recon, LLC in 2013 and served as its President. Advanced Recon is a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer offering more than 13,000 various firearms and other related products. In addition, Aaron is a certified NRA Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer. He teaches Concealed Carry Courses and Firearm Safety Courses.

In 2017, Aaron founded ATEK Defense Systems and serves as its President. ATEK Defense Systems is in the business of developing, manufacturing and selling armored products to law enforcement, military and private security firms. Aaron is involved in all aspects of the business; organization, marketing, finance, as well as product design, ordering and patenting.

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