TUSC Claim Process for Hard Fork

Now that the hard fork has been successfully completed and blocks are being produced on the new chain, you’ll need to complete a claim process to see your TUSC in your account. This process only applies to TUSC that was in your own account – exchanges will need to complete the process on their end […]

TUSC Hard Fork Announced!

The TUSC blockchain will be undergoing its first hard fork in September to incorporate major code changes. The fork will include bug fixes, library updates, and some super cool new features including: • Non-fungible token (NFT) and asset creation • Smart contracts • Recurring & scheduled payments • Escrow Because blockchains are immutable (unchangeable), you […]

Removing the TUSC Marketing Partner

After a great deal of consideration, the team has decided to end the TUSC Marketing Partner functionality. The accumulated TUSC in the TUSC MP account will be returned (burned) to the worker fund. This is being done because the team feels that the amount of TUSC under the control of the TUSC Marketing Partner could […]

TUSC Trading on Atomars

We’re excited to announce that TUSC is now now trading on Atomars Exchange. Don’t miss out – you can take advantage of 0% trading fees for the TUSC-BTC pair until November 4, 2020!  Registered users can also collect free TUSC and other coins from the Atomars faucet. If you have any trouble getting started or […]

ExMarkets Adds TUSC-USDT Pair

We recently updated our trading pair on ExMarkets from BTC to USDT and trading has now resumed on the new pair. Best of luck and happy trading!

New TUSC Trading Pairs on Altilly

Three new TUSC trading pairs are live on Altilly!  Visit now to trade TUSC against Ethereum (ETH), Doge, or Qredit (XQR).  The BTC trading pair is still live too, so you’ve got lot’s of choices if you’re looking to trade.

TUSC Listed on ExMarkets

We’re excited to announce that TUSC has been accepted for a listing on ExMarkets Exchange with a Bitcoin pair!  TUSC deposits opened today, May 5th, and trading on a Bitcoin pair will officially go live on May 6th.

100 Million TUSC Giveaway Winners Announced!

We’re excited to announce the five winners of the 100 million TUSC giveaway!  All of our winners have received their prizes, and we’re so thankful to everyone who created a TUSC account or began following our official social media channels because of the contest. If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry – we’ll be […]

Aegis Bullet Proof Inserts Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Richard Hicks, the winner of our very first giveaway in partnership with Citizen Armor!!  We’re so excited for you to receive your prize of three Aegis Bulletproof Armored Inserts. If you didn’t win, don’t forget to check out the Citizen Armor website to where civilians can purchase a wide selection of personal protection […]