OCC to TUSC Swap Info

OCC to TUSC Swap Info

OCC to TUSC Swap Info

Token Distribution

TUSC Coin Swap

No ICO. No IEO. No Token Sale. No BS.

TUSC is a rebrand and evolution of the OCC project. TUSC was developed by and for the OCC community.

TUSC coins will not be sold or otherwise offered as an ICO or IEO. TUSC coins can only be obtained from the OCC token swap. After the swap period is over, OCC tokens will be deprecated and no longer supported.

OCC tokens were never offered as a security, sold, ICO’d or bartered. OCC tokens were freely and anonymously distributed to the community via faucets in early 2018. No personal or potentially valuable information was ever collected during the OCC distribution.

  • Initial Supply: 50 billion TUSC
  • Swap Ratio: 2 OCC = 1 TUSC
  • Swap Date: September 1-30, 2019
  • Initial Inflation Rate: 5%
  • Consensus Algorithm: DPOS

TUSC is an international project. TUSC coins were freely distributed around the world.

  • Asia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
Token Distribution
Token Features

Built For Fast Retail and Peer to Peer Payments

TUSC Network Features

A blockchain designed for payment processing.

Fast Transactions

TUSC Network is being designed with transaction speed in mind to make it a viable option for retail payments.

User Suppport

The TUSC marketing partner will provide hands on support to new retail business partners who want to accept TUSC.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Payment gateways will be developed for popular shopping cart software and point of sale systems.

Low Cost

Retailers will save money over popular merchant processing services with TUSC’s 0.5% transaction fee.

Token Features
Token Architecture

About TUSC

TUSC Network

TUSC is focused on gaining mass adoption through outreach and marketing to retailers in industries with recognized problems with traditional banking and payment processing.

Block Producers

TUSC uses a delegate proof of stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm with block producers who maintain and validate transactions on the blockchain.

Marketing Partner

The TUSC Marketing Partner is an elected, term limited, and independent organization, which serves for designated terms to provide marketing and client support services for TUSC, while allowing the network itself to remain decentralized.


TUSC is a decentralized and self governing project, run by the community of TUSC holders through the collective voting and decision making.


What's Next?

This is a high-level roadmap/history of TUSC.

Q1 2018

Project Begins

Project conceived, team formed, ERC-20 contract written/deployed, and token supply distributed.

Q2 2018

Initial Growth

Token listed on several exchanges and dexes.

Q3 2018

New Direction

Decisions made to rebrand and launch dedicated blockchain. Advisers and additional team members were recruited.

Q4 2018

Work Begins

New branding completed.
Public announcements made.

Q1 2019

Decisions Made

Governance model chosen.
Codebase chosen.
Additional team members recruited.
First Off Chain conference organized.

Q2 2019


Launched private testnet.

Q3 2019

Testing and Marketing

Block explorer tested on private testnet.
Completed and tested blockchain and swap process.
Initial block producers recruited.
First industry trade show attended.

Q3 2019

OCC to TUSC Swap, TUSC Mainnet Launched

Swap occurred from September 1-30, 2019.

Q3 2019

GUI Wallet & Mainnet

GUI Wallet Deployed.
Swap completed.
First exchange listing.
Token delisted from dexes.
Coin trackers updated with TUSC info.

Q4 2019

Integrations, Marketing, and Exchange Listings

Integration with mobile wallet.
Additional exchange listings.
Filming of commercials.
Payment gateway integrations.

Q1 2020

Marketing, Conferences, and Retailer Onboarding

Industry marketing ramp up.
Attend major industry conference.
Begin onboarding retailers.

Token Architecture
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