TUSC Payments & NFT Platform

√ 0% TX Fee for Retailers

√ Fast Payments & NFT Creation

√ No Chargebacks

√ No IDO, No ICO, No BS

√ Founded in 2018

√ Doxxed Team

√ DAO (Before they were cool)

√ Environmentally Friendly

√ We Love Elephants

TUSC is Scalable & Fast

TUSC was built and optimized for fast payments and transaction confirmation times. 
The TUSC blockchain features 3 second block times and 1.5 average confirmations times, making TUSC as fast as normal credit card transactions.
TUSC can also handle 100,000 TPS (transactions per second), making it great for retailers that want to accept crypto payments without annoying their customers with long wait times.
The scalability and speed TUSC also makes it a great platform for developers wanting to build dApps on a blockchain where gas/transactions aren’t a hinderance. 
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0% Transaction Fees for Retailers

TUSC has zero transaction fees for retailers. Crypto payments are a bit different than typical credit card and ACH processing because buyers pay the fees. 
The cool thing about TUSC, is the fees paid by buyers are flat fee and are usually less than a penny.
In addition to low fees, there are no charge backs with TUSC. 

Doxxed Team

The TUSC team is transparent, accessible and doxxed. We don’t hide who we are. We believe that such transparency is vital to instilling trust within industry. 
You can be confident that we are not going to “rug” or abandon the project. 
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NFTS & Assets Creation

TUSC is a NFT and smart contracts capable blockchain. 
Developers and industry partners can build dApps and mint NFTs on TUSC.
TUSC was built with a long term vision of the tokenization and fractionalization of physical goods and assets into tradeable NFTs.

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TUSC - The Universal Settlement Coin is an Environmentally Friendly Blockchain

TUSC is Environmentally Friendly

TUSC runs on a delated proof of stake blockchain, which is sustainable and light on the environment. 
TUSC does not require the same dedicated and energy intensive ASIC hardware to run that proof of work blockchains do.
TUSC block producers run servers that are no more power hungry than servers that operating the websites that you use everyday. 

Latest TUSC News

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TUSC is Community Driven

TUSC is a operated as a DAO (decentralized autonomous  organization) which is a like a cross between a non-profit and co-op. TUSC is not a company. That means there is no decentral authority or CEO making decisions and controlling things. 
TUSC is a community driven project. When you hold TUSC, you become a member of the TUSC community, including the ability to vote on how the blockchain is run. 
TUSC holders can vote on worker proposals, block producers, and committee members.